MAHE actively uses social media to disseminate information about academic and research activities of the University to its stakeholders, and to communicate success stories to the general public to enhance the public image of the university online. Keeping in mind the dynamic role of social media in the higher education sector, MAHE has established a dedicated and centralized Social Media Cell (SMC) under the Directorate of  PR, Media & Social Media effective from January 1, 2021.

Social media has gained utmost popularity over the past few years as an open source of information and knowledge-sharing platform. Universities and other educational institutions are using social media space to interact with their students, faculty members, alumni, and other stakeholders. It provides students access to helpful information and connects them with learning groups and other educational systems that make their overall learning process more interesting and engaging.

The Directorate of  PR, Media & Social Media at MAHE leads the efforts to pursue our brand’s mission and vision, as a trusted primary source of communication. It is responsible for the brand-building and promotion of MAHE. The Directorate plays a significant role in serving the constituent Institutions, the students, and its stakeholders by disseminating official and seamless communication, with its primary objective as “One Voice, One Manipal.”